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About Take PART

The Portland Anti-Racism Team works to end racism in Portland, Oregon. The mission of Take PART is to confront racism and to engage in dismantling the systems that continue racial inequality. We do this through events, education and outreach that foster engagement in building an inclusive community where all people are treated with dignity and respect.

Take PART Vision

  • We envision the recognition of one human family.

  • We envision a world where “race” as a social construct has been eliminated.

  • We envision an ever-advancing civilization based on cooperation not competition.

  • We envision Portland communities that are informed, engaged, vibrant, empowered, cooperative and diverse.              


Take PART Values

We Value:

  • Unity in Diversity: Cultural and ethnic diversity; diversity of thought, temperament and character.

  • Community Inclusiveness: To be receptive and informed by the diverse perspectives of community members who we are reaching with our programs, activities and events.

  • Community Access: Working to ensure equitable access to Portland’s programs and services and equitable outcomes across diverse community populations.

  • Respect: Honoring the oneness of the human family without partiality or bias.

  • Results-Oriented Programs, Activities and Events: Bringing communities together, seeking positive, unifying results through the programs activities and events that we offer.

  • Systems thinking: Placing our planning and work within the current reality of our community as we develop.

  • Innovation: Actively supporting new and innovative approaches to eliminating racism in Portland communities.

  • Sustainable Approach: Seeking and identifying sustainable approaches to our work of eliminating racism in order to ensure that our mission, vision and values are maintained and thrive in the community.

  • Continuous Learning: Promoting a culture of on-going learning and the independent investigation of truth.

Take PART is grateful for the fiscal sponsorship of the Association for Human Advancement and Development.

Our programs are made possible in part by support from the Local Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of Portland, and from individual donors like you.

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