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July 2021 Self Study: Critical race theory

For the month of July, Take PART invites you to engage in self-study on the topic of critical race theory. Critical race theory has been under attack in multiple states and school systems, with multiple laws and regulations passed banning its teaching. Like many concepts, critical race theory is broad and rich, but can be comprehended in shorter explanations. We offer three resources you may peruse, in short, medium, and long versions.


A short video by noted anti-racism author and activist Ijeoma Oluo in which she introduces critical race theory and gives her response to those who would suppress it:


A medium length article from Vox by Fabiola Cineas with more details about critical race theory and the current attacks on it:


Anti-racism self-study Critical race theory (1).png

Want to go all in? Read Richard Rothstein's book "The Color of Law":


We also invite you to join us on our Facebook page to share your thoughts about critical race theory and the current movement to ban it. You can find the discussion here:


Please note if you do not have a Facebook account, you will still be able to view the Ijeoma Oluo video and the Take PART web page; however, you will not be able to participate in the discussion without an account. 

This is a new kind of event for Take PART. We hope you find it useful. Thank you to all our supporters!

In person Take PART events are held at the Portland Baha'i Center